iDEAL is a popular online payment method and alternative to credit and debit cards in the Netherlands. When integrated with Mews through an add-on, Dutch guests can choose to pay using iDEAL in the Mews Booking Engine, online check-out, and payment requests sent by your property.

Note: Although only Dutch guests with an account at a participating bank can pay with iDEAL, any property, regardless of region, can enable payments through iDEAL.

Enable iDEAL payments

Please note that enabling iDEAL as an alternative payment method is only possible for properties using Stripe to process payments and only works for rates that are paid partially or in full (non-refundable rates, for example) with a settlement trigger on confirmation.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Marketplace.

  2. In the search bar, type "iDEAL" or look in the Payments section.

  3. Find the "Mews Alternative Payment Methods (iDEAL)" add-on.

  4. Click See more.

  5. Click Subscribe.

  6. Accept the terms and conditions, and click Purchase.

If you offer fully flexible and non-refundable rates at the same time in the Mews Booking Engine, we recommend that you choose either Not required for fully or partially paid bookings or Not required for fully paid bookings for the Payment card input option when configuring your Mews Booking Engine.

Note: It may appear that to enable iDEAL outside of the Netherlands, Stripe requires an additional KYC document. In case it's needed, our Payment Operations Specialist will immediately reach out to you with the exact information you'll need to start using this payment method.

Cancelling Mews Alternative Payment Methods (iDEAL)

To disconnect the Mews Alternative Payment Methods (iDEAL) integration, follow our guide on connecting and disconnecting integrations.

Note: Make sure you follow these steps if you want to cancel it; if you
only disable it, you will still be charged.

1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.
2. Search Mews Alternative Payment Method (iDEAL).
3. Click See more.
4. Click Delete.

On the next invoice, you will only be charged for the days that Mews Alternative Payment Methods was still active.

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