Yes, it is possible to set up a custom pop-up message based on guest behavior.

First, connect a Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration via the Mews Marketplace:

Once that is done, you can create the pop-up message. Here are two example scenarios:


When a guest calls your property before booking a specific product.

Here you can use the distributorProductAdded trigger to show a pop-up for the specified productId, for example, a bicycle, a massage, or any other bookable product or service.

The popup would contain your property's phone number and a request to call in before proceeding with that specific purchase.

To get this to work, you also need to create a custom HTML tag in Google Tag Manager when setting this up, and assign it the trigger distributorProductAdded.


When guests need to know something depending on the group size.

As above, first write a custom HTML tag in Google Tag Manager, and set it to the number of adults/children. The trigger is distributorRoomOccupancyChanged and you can watch for the variable adultCount.

You can test this with the Google Datalayer Checker.

For more information about supported triggers see this page.

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