Mews University is a platform that serves as a self-education tool for Mews users. There are learning paths dedicated to various roles.

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In this article, we will give you an overview of what to expect in the Reservations & Revenue manager learning path.

⏲️ Course duration: 4 hours


  • Introduction to Mews University

  • Dashboard & profile overview

  • Company profiles & travel agency contracts setup

  • Rate setup

  • Reservations

  • Front office

  • Basic billing

  • Advanced billing

  • Financial reports and chargeback report

  • Manager reports

  • Reservation and customer reports

This course is suitable for the senior Reservation & Revenue management staff. It can also be assigned to the members of commercial departments, such as the Sales Manager, Business Development Manager.

You will learn how to perform essential rate management tasks, create travel agencies, companies, inferior employees, and use various reports.

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Good luck Mewser!

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