Sojern is a digital marketing tool that helps to drive direct bookings.

What does Sojern integration offer?

1. Drive direct bookings to your Mews Booking Engine

2. Enhance brand awareness

3. Multichannel online advertising strategy

4. Online reporting & insights

5. Pick a plan that fits your budget

6. Use programmatic media to target travelers

How does Sojern-Mews integration work?

  • Sojern helps drive more direct bookings via multichannel online marketing campaigns.

  • Reservations are made directly in Mews BE.

  • Conversions are tracked through your Sojern Online Account, unique to your campaign, offering 24/7 access to real-time campaign performance.

How to onboard Sojern?

  • If you don't have a contract with Sojern yet, leave a request here and Sojern team will reach out to you.

  • Add a Sojern integration in Mews.

    • Go to Main Menu- > Marketplace-> Distribution-> Sojern

    • Click Connect

  • Sojern team will share a Google Tag Manager ID with you.

  • Google Tag Manager ID needs to be added to your Mews BE. Follow this guide to set the Google Tag Manager ID in Mews BE.

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