Adding the Mews booking engine to your property’s website allows guests to make online reservations at your property. It is essential that you set up and configure the Mews booking engine, so as to:

  • enhance your guests' online experience,

  • provide guests with the best possible stay options, and

  • make a favorable impression about your property even before their actual stay begins.

Click on the following for a detailed explanation on how to set up and configure:

Step 1: Mews Booking Engine configuration

Step 2: Connect the Mews Booking Engine to your property's website

Step 3: Add your property's images to your Mews Booking Engine

Step 4: Map your space categories

Step 5: Set up stay products and rates

Step 6: Set up your guest-facing documents

Step 1: Mews Booking Engine configuration

Mews Booking Engine set up always starts with creating the booking engine configuration. You can create multiple configurations of the booking engine.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.

  2. Click on a Bookable service.

  3. Click Booking engines.

  4. Click the + button.

  5. Enter the name of this configuration and click Create.

  6. Complete all relevant fields.

    Note: Watch the help video above for detailed information on the fields.

  7. Click Save.

After you finish the configuration and confirm (via the "Preview" link you can verify the look and feel), you can implement it on your website.

Step 2: Connect the Mews Booking Engine to your property's website

You can connect the Mews Booking Engine to your property's website in several ways. Follow the instructions in the guide linked above to set up your connection, either as standalone, via widget by embedding it in Wordpress on your website, or through API.

Step 3: Add your property's images for your Mews Booking Engine

You can choose the Sign-in and the background image of your property for your Mews Booking Engine. For best results, use an image with a resolution of at least 1920×1080. To upload a background image:

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Property.

  2. Under Sign-in image, click Choose file.

  3. Select the image file of your property on your computer. Only JPEG and PNG file formats are supported.

  4. Click Change.

Note: Once you upload a background image it cannot be deleted but you can replace it using the same steps.

You can add multiple images for your space categories and products in the Mews Booking Engine. Mews supports JPEG and PNG image formats. Use high-resolution photos for best results. You can also choose the order in which the images appear.

Step 4: Map your space categories

All of your space categories are listed by default, so you only need to map the space categories if there are some that you don’t want listed. When you add new space categories, you can preview them to check how your categories appear.

Note: Make sure to update capacity and extra capacity for each space category.

Step 5: Set up stay products and rates

To list products in the Mews Booking Engine, attach them to your stay service with the Offer to customers option enabled. To make products and rates available in the Mews Booking Engine:

  • Complete details such as name, description of your product and rates, so that your guests can understand them clearly.

    For example: Choose names such as Room only or Bed and Breakfast rate, and make sure to mention the products and services included in the rate as well as its cancellation policy.

  • Adding an image to your products allows you to showcase them. For example, your hotel's dinner specialty, which you would like to offer your guests.

    Note: You can add only one image per product.

  • Rates must be Enabled and Public, except for example when you want to offer private rates to your corporate clients with a voucher code. Only the cheapest rates from each rate group are listed in the booking engine.

    Note: To display more than one rate, for example, Room only and a Bed and Breakfast rate, set them up in different rate groups.

Step 6: Set up your guest-facing documents

Before you start using the Mews Booking Engine, you need to complete your guest-facing documents, for example your property's terms and conditions, house rules, Privacy policy, etc. You can also set up and test your terms & conditions within the Mews Booking Engine.

It is important to update all information as you would like it to appear to your guests. Also, make sure to review the booking engine after making any modifications to your settings.

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