What is an occupancy period?

Each bookable service your property offers has a configurable occupancy period based on an occupancy starting time and an occupancy ending time.

While arrival and departure times are displayed to guests and define early check-ins and late check-outs, the occupancy period allows you to define when a space is actually considered occupied by the system (and is thus reflected in availability and reporting).

Before you make any changes to occupancy periods, see how they will affect occupancy and reporting in Mews.

Configure a service's occupancy period

By default, occupancy starting and ending times are equal to the service's arrival and departure times but can be changed depending on how you want to block availability. However, occupancy periods must always be within a service interval (the time between a service's arrival and departure times).

Note: Changing a service's occupancy period will not update or affect past occupancy data beyond the current editable history window.

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Services > Bookable services.

  2. Click on a bookable service.

  3. Scroll down and open the Reception tab.

  4. Under Occupancy starting time and Occupancy ending time, enter the desired times using the 24-hour clock. For example, if the desired time is 3:00 PM, enter 15 hours 0 minutes.

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