"Synchronize reservations" is an optional feature in SynXis CRS, which makes the Mews-SynXis integration two-way enhanced. When you enable this feature:

  • It allows you to synchronize any reservation changes, including reservation modifications/cancellations from Mews (Operations, Online Guest Services, Mews Open API, Import, etc.) into SynXis CRS.

    For example: If a SynXis reservation is modified by a receptionist in Mews, Mews sends this change to SynXis.

  • Mews also synchronizes reservations that you create outside of SynXis CRS to SynXis CRS. This allows you to access all reservation data in SynXis.

  • In addition, guest profiles can be modified in either SynXis or Mews. Modification can travel both ways.

    Note: Guest profile modification does not trigger synchronization. Profiles are synced along with reservation changes.

Important to note: You need to contact your SynXis account manager to sign an additional agreement. SynXis charges an extra fee to enable this feature. There is no additional charge from Mews.

What is sent to SynXis from Mews?


  • Created, checked-in, checked-out and cancelled status

  • Mews confirmation number

  • Dates

  • Rate plan, night prices, and total amount

  • Guest count (adult and children)

  • Guest profiles

  • Travel agency profile

  • Company profile (e.g., corporate travelers)

  • Notes

Guest profile:

  • First and last name

  • Email address

  • Telephone number

  • Address

  • Loyalty Code

Company and Travel agency profiles:

  • Name

  • Telephone number

  • Address

What is not sent to SynXis from Mews?

  • Same day reservations

  • Outstanding amount to be paid

  • Payment card details

  • Guest nationality

  • Products

  • Additional Expenses

  • Cancellation Policy (fees applicable as per rate group policy)


  • Changes in Mews can take upwards of 5-10 minutes to appear in SynXis.

  • Adding companions to a reservation, or adding a company profile does not trigger synchronization.

  • Events that do not trigger synchronization can be synchronized with any other event. A background check on events is always active so this could take 5-10 minutes.

To enable Synchronize reservations in Mews

  1. Open Mews Operations.

  2. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.

  3. Go to the My subscriptions tab.

  4. Locate the SynXis integration, and click Settings.

  5. In the Enabled Operations field, select Synchronize reservations

  6. Click Save.

Note: When you enable Synchronize reservations the first time, all future reservations are synced. If you disable and enable it back in some amount of time, reservations after this period are synced.

Quick Tips

For a quick work around to synchronize reservations, click on any OK button within the reservation module, without changing anything there.

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