This article provides an overview of the Google Hotel Search integration for Mews.

The Google Hotel Search direct integration allows you to feature your property website as an original site on Google Hotel Search at no extra cost, increasing the opportunity for direct bookings. To learn more about Google Hotel Search, click on the links below:

Which properties can and cannot use the Google Hotel Search direct integration?

  • The integration is available to all Mews clients regardless of subscription.

    NOTE: Google matches its hotel search integration with a business address. Therefore, you can have only one integration per Mews account.

  • Google Hotel Search currently supports only hotels and hostels. So, apartment groups cannot use the integration.

How does the Google Hotel Search integration work?

  • The Google Hotel Search integration sends real-time inventory updates (prices, restrictions and availability) from Mews to Google Hotel Search.

  • It does not send reservations to Mews.

  • Google Hotel Search provides bookers a link to Mews from where they can book reservations.

  • The integration pulls mapping, space category images, cancellation policies and the Mews ID.

  • When you update your Google Hotel Search integration in Mews (mapping, enable/disable the integration), Mews notifies Google Hotel Search. Google Hotel Search then pulls the latest integration setup. So you maintain the integration in Mews only.

What does onboarding look like?

Before onboarding:

Create a Google My Business account if you don't have one. You can follow this guide to register.

NOTE: Google requires forty-eight hours to put you on Google Hotel Search.

Onboarding steps:

  1. A property adds the Google Hotel Search integration in Mews. Mews then automatically maps all public rates and all space categories.

  2. The property updates its mapping to remove rates and/or space categories that it doesn't want to send to Google Hotel Search.

  3. The property prepares a Mews default booking engine for direct bookings from Google Hotel Search.

And that's all! No mapping tests are required, as the program handles everything automatically. Once each day, Google pulls all newly created integrations from Mews and makes your profile in Google Hotel Search visible and open for bookings.

You can read the guide below to learn how to set up the Google Hotel Search direct integration.

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