What are day use bookable services?

Day use bookable services are bookable services that allow guests to reserve and use spaces for a limited time period during a single day (that is, the arrival and departure dates are the same), rather than overnight.

Properties can leverage spaces available during the day for a wide range of potential uses. Offering “daycation” and spa packages to locals, for example, workspaces to professionals, comfortable spaces to spend a few hours to travelers with layovers, beautiful interiors to influencers and marketers who need a place to film projects, and more.

With day use bookable services, properties can:

  • Expand the range of services they offer to guests

  • Attract entirely new guest segments

  • Offer entry-level services and upsell with additional services

  • Increase revenue and occupancy rates

Note: Day use bookable services are bookable services and, as such, the legal environment tied to them in Mews is limited to hospitality. You should be aware and check your local legal requirements if you intend to set up a day use service for something other than hospitality (office/meeting room purposes, for example).

How many reservations for day uses can be created each day?

Currently, properties can create one reservation per day, per space, per service. It's possible, therefore, to create a "Morning use" service and an "Afternoon use" service that utilize the same set of spaces. Each of those spaces can then be booked once a day for each service.

How are Availability and Occupancy calculated?

Availability and Occupancy are calculated per service, so day use bookable services are calculated separately from other bookable services. Offering a space through multiple services (for example, a space booked for day use in the afternoon and later for an overnight stay) will not result in occupancy higher than 100%. If a space is booked by one service, it is unavailable to other services during that time.

Note: Make sure that the occupancy periods and arrival/departure times of your services don't overlap. If your Stay service's occupancy ending time is at 8:00, your day use bookable service's arrival time needs to start after that time or it will never be available!

Can guests book multiple days in a row?

Yes, however it's not recommended. If a guest books the space multiple days in a row, the space will be blocked and unavailable for the entire length of the reservation (like a standard Stay service), not just the daytime hours.

We recommend setting the maximum length of stay for day uses as a single day, meaning guests need to create separate reservations for each day. You can manage the maximum length of reservations by setting length of stay restrictions.

Want to know more? Learn how to set up a day use bookable service by checking out our guide:

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