German regulations state that the breakfast VAT should be reported in two categories: Food and Beverage. This article will tell you how to create such a setup in Mews.

Let's say the breakfast at your property costs 18 EUR and should be split as follows:

  • 13 EUR should be reported under Food

  • 5 EUR should be reported under Beverages

To achieve this, follow the below steps.

Note: make sure your breakfast-inclusive offer already has the cost of breakfast added to the price. For example, if the rate inclusive of breakfast is 120 EUR, of which breakfast costs 18 EUR, the price of the rate should be set as 120 EUR.
  1. Create a combined breakfast product with the total cost of the breakfast (18 EUR, 7% VAT). From the options of the product, select only Offer to employee .

  2. Create two new products: one for breakfast food and another one for breakfast beverages. Assign the relevant VAT to each of them.

  3. Create a product rule for the relevant rate or rate group with three actions:

    • Action to Cancel the combined breakfast product (18 EUR), which will be sent with the reservations coming from the Channel Manager.

    • Action to Add the breakfast food product.

    • Action to Add the breakfast beverage product.

Now, for reservations coming in Mews from the Channel Manager, the system will automatically cancel the combined breakfast product and post the separate ones for food and beverage and the VAT split will be correct in your reporting.

Important! Make sure each product has the correct Accounting category assigned, including the fields for rebates and canceled products.

To learn more about how to create Packaged rates, see below.

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