If you want to increase the number of guests checking in online, follow the tips below:

  • Promote it in emails. Make sure you have the link to online check-in in your confirmation and ”before start” email, accompanied by an explanation of why your guests should do it and what the benefits are. Using this simple trick, we have seen a 60% increase in online check-ins at properties.

  • Offer your guests something extra for checking in online, like a bottle of wine or a welcome drink.

  • Work it into your guest experience. Allow guests who check in online to skip the line. Prepare their keys and let them get to their room faster. People will get used to it and next time, they'll know. You can also promote it directly at your property by creating a "fast lane" in your lobby.

  • Promote it offline, too. If you are a hotel chain, you can train your staff to motivate guests waiting in the line to check in online and skip the line.

  • Promote it on Booking.com and other OTAs. Use your own messaging, images, and copy.

Learn more about the feature and how to customize your emails by reading the guides below:

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