There are no restrictions for international payments set by the Mews Terminal or associated online payment providers.

If your guests experience issues paying with their credit cards using the Mews Terminal, you can check to find out why:

  1. Check the terminal's display, the error will appear here first.

  2. Check the receipt, which has a rejected message on it.

  3. You can check the payment in the guest’s profile:

    • Go to Menu > Profiles > Customer Profiles.

    • In the guest’s profile, go to the Payments tab.

    • Scroll down to the Payment attempts, where you should be able to find the reasons why the payment failed under the Notes columns.

      • The guest should also check with their credit card issuer regarding any restrictions on charges, like enabled international payments or payments in the local currency.

  4. If the credit card payment doesn’t work after the investigation, you can also send the guests a payment request:

  5. If you need any further assistance on this issue, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team.

Read the guide below to learn more about payment authentication:

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