To transfer any prepayments or outstanding balances from your old PMS, they need to be manually imported into Mews as external payments.

Before proceeding with the following steps, make sure that you have a comprehensive list of all open balances from your previous PMS, as well as the customers or reservations they are connected to.

1.) Enable Cross-Settlement

  • Click the burger menu on your dashboard and select Settings, then Property.

  • Choose Finance and click on “Accounting configurations”.

  • Find the External payment types option and make sure that “cross settlement” is enabled. If not, just click on the drop-down arrow and select “cross settlement” to enable the payment type.

2.) Create an accounting category for these transfers

  • Go back to the Finance section on the Property settings and click on “Accounting categories” under the Finance section.

  • Make an Accounting Category dedicated only to this type of payment by clicking on the “+” icon in the upper right corner.

3.) Set the respective accounting category for this external payment type

  • Go back to the Finance section on the Property settings and click on “Accounting configuration”.

  • Scroll down to external payments, then click on the arrow next to the “cross settlement” payment type to open the drop-down menu and choose the accounting category you recently made.

4.) Create customer or company profiles

The respective customer or company profile should be created to charge these balances.

  • If you are using an import file, these will be imported together with the reservation, for any future stays.

  • If you are creating a booking manually, simply create the customer profiles along with the reservation.

  • Paymasters will need to be manually created in the system for company billing.

  • For any open balances concerning past reservations, the customer profile will need to be manually created in the system.

Please note that you cannot create bookings with past dates. However, if needed, you might have to transfer balances.

🤓 Learn how to create customer profiles here and company profiles here. 🤓

5.) Post the balances

  • On your dashboard, go to the Customers section and select “Customer Profile”.

  • Click on the customer’s name and go to the “Billing” section to post an external payment.

  • Enter the currency and amount. Then, select “Cross settlement” as the payment type.

  • When posting a prepayment, please input a positive amount.

  • Meanwhile, to post an unpaid bill, please input a negative amount.

6.) Check all the transferred balances

After all the payments have been posted, you can run an accounting report, grouped by accounting category, to compare the final amounts with the report from your previous PMS to ensure that the balance is correct.

7.) Close the bill in your old PMS

  • Shorten the customer’s reservation in the old PMS and close that bill with an unused payment type, which you should agree upon with your accountant.

  • Obtain a report containing these payments.

  • Create the remainder of the nights using the reservation night rate in Mews and inform the guest that they will receive two bills.

  • Post their balance (paid or to be paid).

To transfer deposits with VAT at the time of prepayment or for future stays, just visit this article below:

❗ NOTE: This guide is purely informative. Any financial decision should be discussed and approved by your financial controller.

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