Mews supports two kinds of products: Absolute products and Relative products. Absolute products are those with a fixed price, while Relative products are those with a price based on, or relative to, other products.

For example, a product price can be absolute, such as 100 euros, or relative, such as 10% of Breakfast and/or Night.

Note: You can attach Relative products only to a bookable service. Other service products can only have an absolute or fixed value.

You can automatically add Relative products to a reservation by using product rules. You can also use Relative products to set up different combinations of automatically generated prices.

Note: You can calculate product prices based on the Net value, Tax value or the Gross value. You cannot modify Price and Charging options after creating a product.

To create a Relative product, fill in the details of the Product page below:

For example, a Relative product such as “Breakfast” could be set up as shown below:

You can view the Relative products posted to the reservation, based on nights, as below:

The posting of absolute products is automatically selected based on the charging type (for example, once, nightly, etc.). Relative products are posted per consumption date, even outside the reservation interval.

You can also manually add or cancel Relative products in a reservation. In the event of a change in rate, or any other changes to the product rule, a Relative product is not duplicated, but recalculated according to the new rate. Relative products are recalculated on every reservation update that results in a price change. For example, a percentage change in the product. However, the taxes remain the same.

Note: When recalculating an Absolute product, the price of products that are already posted (including taxes) stays the same.

You can use Relative products to set up, for example, your service charges.

Service charges are charges such as hotel or resort fees or room-service charges that you wish to charge your guests on top of your accommodation or product price. You can now set service charges based on the gross accommodation cost.

You can apply your service charges in Mews by setting them up as a relative product, and then adding them automatically using Product rules, or manually in the billing screen.

To set up service charges, you first create a product equivalent to the price of the service charge that you want to charge your customers. Then,

  • Create a product rule and apply it to the product that you want this rule to follow. Service charges set up as products are then applied automatically when the product rule is met. You can modify reservations automatically based on product rules.

  • If you don’t wish to set product rules, you can also manually add the service charge product from the billing screen or the ordering screen.

You can learn more about how to create or delete a product by reading the guide below.

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